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Secure Eye: Next Generation of User Authentication

Continuous Authentication through Eye Movement Tracking



In 2023, Human errors account for over 80% of Cybersecurity Incidents.



In the US in 2023 the costs of data breaches averaged $9.44M



In 2023, the data breach cost was SAR 29.9M in the MENA region (15% Increase over the last three years).



Attacks through stolen or compromised credentials represented 13%.


Secure Eye is a new product designed to empower users with seamless and secure authentication. By utilizing Deep Learning technology, Secure Eye provides a continuous authentication solution, eliminating the need for traditional passwords or biometric scans.


Key Features

Continuous Authentication

Secure Eye continuously monitors the user's eye movements to provide real-time authentication. It analyzes the speed and direction of eye movement, ensuring a high level of accuracy and security.

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Enhanced Privacy

Secure Eye does not capture or store any sensitive data, such as fingerprints or face scans. This enhances user privacy, as no personal information is shared with the device or server.

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Secure Eye is suitable for various real-time authentication scenarios, such as open-area workplaces, exam centers, and accessing sensitive systems.

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Low-Cost and Maintenance

Secure Eye offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional authentication methods, requiring minimal installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms ensure reliable performance and accurate service.


How Does Secure Eye Work?

Secure Eye utilizes advanced eye movement tracking technology and deep learning techniques to monitor the user's eyes through a camera continuously. It analyzes eye movements, combined with machine learning techniques, to create unique authentication profiles for each user.

Upon logging into a system or accessing a sensitive area, Secure Eye runs the camera to capture the user's eye movements and calculates a real-time authentication score. If the authentication score exceeds a predefined threshold, the user is allowed to keep going. if not, the user is denied access to the system. Secure Eye also provides continuous authentication and can detect any suspicious activity by scanning for additional eye movements. This allows for a secure and seamless user experience.

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Benefits of Secure Eye

Secure Eye offers numerous benefits over traditional authentication methods, making it an ideal solution for secure authentication.

  1. Enhanced Security: By continuously monitoring the user's eye movements, Secure Eye provides an additional layer of security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  2. Improved Usability: Secure Eye eliminates the need for complex passwords or biometrics, simplifying the authentication process for users.

  3. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional authentication methods, Secure Eye offers a cost-effective solution that requires minimal installation and maintenance.

  4. Versatility: Secure Eye is suitable for a wide range of authentication scenarios, making it a versatile and adaptable authentication solution.

  5. Privacy Protection: Unlike traditional biometric authentication methods, Secure Eye does not capture or store any sensitive information, enhancing user privacy.


About Us

Secure Eye is on a mission to revolutionize authentication with our cutting-edge technology that utilizes eye movements as a form of continuous authentication. Our secure eye-tracking algorithm constantly analyzes eye movements to ensure that only the authorized user can access sensitive data. We’re breaking down the traditional barriers of authentication, providing a seamless and secure experience for users across the board. At Secure Eye, we deliver the future of authentication, one glance at a time.

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Secure Eye is a game-changer in the world of secure authentication. By leveraging advanced eye movement tracking technology and deep learning techniques, it provides a continuous authentication solution. With its enhanced security features, improved usability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, Secure Eye is the ideal choice for organizations seeking to secure their systems and protect their sensitive data.

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